"Unless a film of flesh envelopes us, we die. [Woman] exists only insofar as she is separated from [her] surroundings. The cranium is the space-traveller's helmet. Death is divestment, death is communion. 

It may be wonderful to mix with the landscape but to do so is the END OF THE TENDER EGO."

- Vladimir Nabokov, Pnin.

a slowly expanding body

a pitcher with the bottom cracked off

glass is just a slow-moving liquid anyway. how's a liquid to hold itself?

/ spilling, slipping light seeps

inner life transcends the vessel

contingent impressions: paper impressed by environs, face smashed into emulsion. This is the participatory portrait. 

despair destined to disappear: unfixed iterations of grief, relief, acceptance, sorrow, patience.

History trapped in the rock: 

it can't dream but it remembers!

"Abjection is a state of flux where meaning collapses and the body is open and irregular."  (eflux)

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