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“C’est en les paysages que s’élaborent jour après jour notre sensibilité et notre métaphysique du monde. Et c’est par eux que l’écrivain, plus tard, retrouvera ses sources et ses repères, au point que chaque fois qu’il décrira un paysage, que ce soit en son nom ou par personnages interposés, il fera sans s’en rendre compte son autoportrait.”

- Jean Pélégri

sarah bodri (b.1987) is a Toronto-based editorial portrait photographer and artist with over 15 years of experience in film photography. She studied French Language and Literature + Women and Gender studies at York University. Film and experimental techniques are the backbone of her creative practice, and inform her approach to her candid and honest editorial portraits. All aspects of bodri's practice speak to her reverence for the natural world, both human and inhuman subjects, and the desire to connect meaningfully to all which she photographs.

She currently sits on the board of directors at Gallery44 and a full curriculum Vitae can be found here

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