“C’est en les paysages que s’élaborent jour après jour notre sensibilité et notre métaphysique du monde. Et c’est par eux que l’écrivain, plus tard, retrouvera ses sources et ses repères, au point que chaque fois qu’il décrira un paysage, que ce soit en son nom ou par personnages interposés, il fera sans s’en rendre compte son autoportrait.”

- Jean Pélégri

Sarah Bodri (b.1987) is a Toronto-based artist working primarily in analogue photography. She holds an Honors BA from York University in French Language and Literature + Womyn and Gender studies.

Bodri's self-taught practice focuses on traditional medium-format portraiture as a means of empowerment to womxn and non-binary peers. Shes strives to transcend objectifying power dynamics implicit in the photographic medium by employing radical empathy and vulnerability while working. Landscape photography functions as intimate, psychological mode of self-portraiture.

In 2014 Bodri began a long-term investigative portrait project focused on womxn and non-binary artists in Toronto which re-allocates value to artistic labour, expands the category of 'woman' itself, identifies womxn artists as labourers and producers of culture, and establishes new and alternative models for future generations of artists. Titled WWORK, this project is an Active Archive and a work in progress.

More recently she completed her second residency, A-Z West at artist Andrea Zittel's Encampment in Joshua Tree, California. Her work often explores notions of boundary establishment/ dissolution, reflexivity/ reflection, affect and environment, and is always informed by a radical feminist worldview.


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